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The Breanna Plourde Memorial Fund

We are remembering Breanna Plourde, who gave so much to our community and was an enthusiastic advocate for youth and healthy living in Kapuskasing.


Last May, we launched a Facebook page and event “Virtual Run in Memory of Breanna Plourde.” Each year in May, we will continue to encourage all of our participants in the "Virtual Run in Memory of Breanna Plourde" Facebook group to complete various physical activities, logging their distances with the goal of crossing Canada. Their efforts are inspired by Breanna's commitment to and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.


A fund has been established to honour and remember Breanna, the Breanna Plourde Memorial Fund.

Every February, money will be donated based on outlined criteria in Breanna’s name. Every May, we will provide Virtual Run participants and members of our community with an opportunity to make donations to the Breanna Plourde Memorial Fund so that we can continue her legacy.

Breanna loved children, which was demonstrated through her family relationships, chosen profession, and the many ways in which she brought love and support to their lives.


The committee of the Breanna Plourde Memorial Fund has decided that this February 4th $300.00 will be donated to each elementary school in the Kapuskasing community. Staff at each school should work together to determine how this money might best be spent with a focus on Healthy Living and Building School Community, two important principles Breanna championed during her life.

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